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2020 update

I am delighted to confirm that Bob Grant has joined us on a permanent basis on Bass, Guitars, Vox and other INstruments

This Year Bob and I have commenced writing  the new Scarlet INside album. we have also been confirmed for 2 festival appearances. At the Prog in the Park in April and The RAising Steam festival in May

The CAbinet of MUndane THings

NOw available. released on sept 1 2018

The supplementary Ep to The Room of MUndane THings

a 4 track Ep


New track released

as the first track on the new EP

The CAbinet of MUndane THings

a collection of material that didn't make it on to this yeras album

The Room of MUndane THings

Scarlet Update.

The Track, SAlly LEarns from the new album 

The Room of MUndane THings is to appear on the front cover cd of The March 2018 edition of Prog Magazine No 85


Scarlet Update

Scarlet INside are delighted to announce the release of their new album

The Room of MUndane THings.

It is a collection of 9 tracks, written and recorded by Kevin Kennie (Scarlet INside)

Except POison Signals which was originally written by Kevin Kennie, later re-arranged, and

Keyboards and backing instrumentation recorded by Brian Johnstone,

with guitars and Vocals by Kevin Kennie.


The tracks are a collection of multiple genres and styles. The use of sound fx and recording of unusual sounds and objects, consistent with the philosophy of Scarlet INside’s music.

That there are no styles, genres, instruments or sounds which can not be considered, to find influences in everything around, that the music should be the fancy and chosen moment of the composer, while trying to find a feeling and sound which will touch and delight the listener


Review Scarlet INside – THirty RiVers to CRoss – by Emma Roebuck
Scarlet INside is, essentially, Kevin Kennie plus others occasionally helping out with music creation and drum consultancy, in the form ofDrew Mckinlay and Jerry Good. Perhaps Kevin can best explain what that entails but it certainly works.
Self described as “a rock band, an acoustic act, and soundscape composition. We express a love of experimentation, using a variety of styles including world beats and rhythms, prog rock, beats and industrial crunches,minimalist lines, blues, jazz and a variety of  different instruments synths all topped off with unusual lyrics and dark themes and screaming rock lead breaks”
This is the 8th album from them as an outfit and they are one of a growing group of acts who are self financing with a soundcloud/bandcamp presence. I have been aware of them through mutual contacts on social media and I listened to an earlier single and thoroughly enjoyed it.
This is not really commercial in the sense of the ‘melody and song’ school of thought in the progressive music genre, yet neither is it dissonance or does it grate on the ear. Let’s get the comparisons out of the way first. This Motherwell born musician draws his influence from all sorts of areas musically from the industrial to straight rock, to old school prog. Musically this album feels like the by product of Fripp, Gabriel, Mclaughlin, Byrne, Hammill, and Page along with many others in a melee of musical combinations. Imagine all these converging in one head and the outcome of 2 years in the studio. Having said that, this is Kennie’s own product to the core despite you being able to isolate those influences.
Nothing here is predictable or formulaic; there are several pieces of epic proportions, The Twisted BRaid of Chance, in parts, smacks of an insight into Kevin’s mind and attitude to life or his life’s journey to this point. It comes in at over 20 minutes and explores the dark side of fate and happenstance. She SHould HAve Died HEreafter, is a Shakespearean epic of the Hamlet/Macbeth tradition which uses the space between the music as effectively as the notes themselves.
The cap-lock lettering runs through the whole thing and was as a result of a broken keyboard and the habit stuck. Each note and line is considered and considered again before it gets onto the music, matching lyrical content with the music very well. PLease Let me Be ASleep describes the torture of the insomniac to the absolute, it chimes with me so well as a frequent flyer on that very same aeroplane.
There is nothing happy in this album but there is plenty to nourish the soul of any music lover. If you are a fan of dark brooding music and like to hear someone taking musical risks then this is £5 well spent.
Released 1st April 2016.
Buy ‘THirty Rivers to CRoss’ from bandcamp


Closet concert arena Vinny Iacocca

Review of THirty RiVers to CRoss



This week, in an effort to expose more great "underground prog" to the masses, I decided to revisit a band that impressed me tremendously when last I was in Scotland.  So to Glasgow I gladly return, this time for a review of the new release "THirty Rivers to CRoss" by Scarlet INside and a talk with the mind behind the madness, one Kevin Kennie

Time to check out what scared off Kevin's mainstream musician a little taste from the current release called "PLease Let Me Be Asleep."  Scarlet INside has a definite affection for the dark side of the prog garden; the images are vivid and quite can almost feel that unwanted hand on your knee.  The bass line is haunting while drums and guitars tap at the back of your skull a bit delicately, as though attempting to break through without being obtrusive.  The vocals cut like a dull knife through a frozen stick of butter; not exactly a gentle exercise but fitting the mood. Kevin channels Jamie Muir for a while as he draws sound from virtually everything and everywhere--and it works perfectly.  Don't be scared; the evil genius really is harmless...

With that lurking around your cerebral matter, time for a taste of "THe TWisted BRaid of CHance (i) ALone I TRavel."  As the song opens, you feel  as if you are about to enter Hannibal Lecter's private basement studio/laboratory...and the emotional intensity carries into part (ii); "OPening the Scarlet DOor."  Here Kevin put voice to the darkness, and in an odd way you almost feel secure walking through the cobwebs.  The guitar and drumming are dialed right in on this piece; the mood is set...and as the canvas drips the sounds enter your head and simply play off each other.  Scarlet INside has mastered the art of squeezing musical sound from any inanimate object, which makes this piece even more impressive.

Scarlet INside redefines "avoiding the mainstream."  Kevin has much going on and a lot more in the hopper waiting to be shown the light of day--or perhaps the dark of night...Scarlet INside may be dark, ominous, and even a bit morose--but don't let that force you to look away and miss some intriguing music.  Kevin has found a way to pull life from death and sound from the void that exists in the outer reaches of the prog garden.

Normally I would post a clip for your perusal and listening pleasure; this week I decided to let you listen for yourself and make a purchase if you are so inclined...surely we can move more than TWO copies!  Check out "THirty Rivers To CRoss" and more at  Scarlet INside Music.  For those who enjoy the many mood swings a prog band has to offer, you will not be disappointed.  Also check out the band's Facebook page at Scarlet INside Facebook, and of course you can keep up with the latest from Scarlet INside on Twitter at @ScarletINside.

‘One of the best examples of progressive music to come out of Glasgow ina  long time. You can never presict what type of show you will get from this experimental trio. What’s guaranteed is that you’ll be completely blown away by their superlative musicianship. Check out their latest EP, ‘The FAll’, on i-tunes’

Paul Wishart: Paul Wishart events

‘known collectively as Scarlet INside and their EP is called ‘The FAll’, certainly influences abound in this EP. Not those of other bands however but sounds and sonic textures from other parts of the world. Take the eastern textures in ‘The FAll’ for example, that bring the kind of variety rarely heard in the output of a Glasgow band. You don’t doubt the maturity of the participants either with ‘Dungeons and Fishtails showing a near theatrical demeanour reminiscent of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. None of the songs here are three minute, radio friendly snapshots of ice-cream and summer days, but that is hardly a criticism. ‘The FAll’ is the work of an intelligent and committed band.

Review by: Bluesbunny

The bluesbunny,

‘A much stronger performer was Kevin Kennie. A little box of electronic tricks kept his acoustic guitar company for most of his set and that allowed him to stretch out his songs to near prog-rock dimensions. That’s not actually the the insult it sounds like, as there was no doubt the Mr Kennie could both sing and play and I can see him having a lot of appeal to chilled out rock fans

The bluesbunny,



The mastermind and sole member of Scarlet Inside, Kevin Kennie, displays his monstrous music talents throughout these thunderous music landscapes. The music took my ears to lands of new sounds and then to progressive rock waves. This was really deep, moving music, built strongly with voice caverns in perfect placed 
settings. FORKSTER respects the music efforts and talents of Scarlet Inside.


February 8, 2017

Currently in discussions with a new bass player to complete the line up. Band rehearsals are continuing at Kilbryde Castle. hoping to introduce the new bass player to full band rehearsals soon.

in the meantime. the free giveaway of codes for bandcamp downloads, went well. although there are still a few left.

many went to radio dj's who hopefully will playing Scarlet INside on a regular basis. 

Dutch radio station Epics for all time is even giving away a code as a competition prize.

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